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Sod Descriptions

Production Specialists

With a crew of experts who work constantly to produce Oregon's finest sod, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality product possible.

From the first stages of planting the seed, all the way to delivering the sod to you, our staff takes great pride in being the best we can be.

Sod Varieties

Our Perennial Ryegrass premium blend contains the best overall varieties for the Pacific Northwest.

1) Oregon Turf & Tree Farms Sod Blend
(Premium Perennial Ryegrass)

  • Uses: The overall choice for most lawn applications
  • Deep dark green color
  • Disease resistance for the Northwest
  • Tolerate low mow height well
  • Good traffic tolerance
  • Updated with high rated NTEP varieties

2)Tall Fescue Sod
(Tall Fescue)

  • Uses: Drought tolerant sod
  • Very dark green and dense
  • Tolerates partial shade slightly better than ryegrass
  • Wider blade, but finer than most tall fescues
  • Low growth habit and tolerates low mow height
  • Good stem rust and gray leaf spot resistance
  • Extensive deep root system requiring less frequent irrigation
  • Best of the tall fescues for the Pacific Northwest’s cool wet winters

Note: Heavily shaded lawns may need to be overseeded annually. See our supplies page for more info on our matching seed varieties. We do carry a "shade tolerant" seed for our Ryegrass sod.

Our sand based sod is a special order item and requires longer lead times.

3) Sand Based Speciality Athletic Sod

  • Uses: Sports fields, golf courses, lawns
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We live in the grass seed capital of the world. Of the premium grass seed varieties available to us, we select only the best. By blending top quality seeds with experience and pride, our farm has come up with a finished product that is outstanding for the Pacific Northwest climate.

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